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I am interested in contributing to the Magazine, what can I do?

Our goal is that PREPARE Magazine will be a valuable resource for excellent information and encouragement on Preparedness.  We are delighted that people want to contribute a voice to the publication.  Certainly, we encourage and appreciate any support for helping others get better prepared.

Our interest with PREPARE Magazine is not to push any particular political agenda.  There are many open forums where people can express their political opinions, but our focus and mission is to do our very best to help people and communities in their Preparedness. 

We are not interested in any hate-groups, politician or political party bashing, or fear mongering.  We simply want to provide a good resource for preparation, and encouragement on the journey.  Please feel free to express your views, but just know that some content may just not fit with the mission of our magazine.    

Even if you feel that you do not have skill in writing, there are many ways that you can help with the Magazine.  Here are some of the areas you might consider:

  • General and "How to" Educational Articles
  • Testimonies that we can share on our website or other printed materials
  • Sharing Testimonies and Encouragement about Preparedness
  • Videos and Photos on Preparation
  • Community Events on Preparation
  • Feature Articles
  • Advertising
  • Help us get the word out