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When will the Print/Mail subscription be available?

The print subscription is now available and currently being mailed to our subscribers.  The hard-copy version of PREPARE Magazine is a bi-monthly publication, and will contain fresh content as-well-as some of the unique features and popular articles from the digital versions. 

There were several delays in releasing the print/mail version when we anticipated.  We have been very passionate about releasing this important new format and are embarrassed by the delays.  Our enthusiasm to get it out could simply not overcome the challenges of working with third-party vendors who could not always deliver as we expected. 

As we learned that working with other companies/vendors could cause us some delays in the future, we determined it was far more vital that we carefully manage our release once we had back-ups and quality vendors, designers, editors, etc.  With our rapid growth, we felt it was necessary to get a solid expansion model in place before we officially launched the magazine in a print/mail subscription form.

Bottom line... we are now all-systems-go, and should remain steady.

We will continue offering the monthly digital version of PREPARE Magazine, and also offering a Premium Membership Subscription.