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If I want to submit an Article, what are the requirements?

The purpose and vision of PREPARE Magazine is to Encourage, Empower, and Enrich.  Before submitting an article, please measure your writing to verify it fits with our mission.  With that, please know that we will not support or approve content that shares hate messages, fear mongering, political bashing, or violence.       

Perimeters for all PREPARE Magazine Articles Submissions

  • Articles can be submitted at any time, on any topic pertaining to Preparedness. 

  • Please note that your article may be held for a future publication due to theme and/or space available.
  • Not all articles will be approved for use in the digital or hard-copy publications of PREPARE Magazine.  Some articles that are not used in our Magazine publication MAY be released on our website blog. 
  • All Article submissions will be considered.  We reserve the right to determine which articles will (or will not) be appropriate for our Magazine (digital or hard-copy version) or our online blog. 

  • Advertizements or links within an article must be approved by PREPARE Magazine and may be removed or altered as needed.

  • All articles submitted are subject to editing and reformatting in order to fit the parameters of our publication.

  • PREPARE Magazine reserves the ability and right to allocate which articles suit a specific article status (Featured, Instructional, etc.)