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What are the Parameters for Submitting an Event to be in "Community Connections"?

If you are interested in submitting an event to Community Connections we would love to consider it for our upcoming issue(s).  This is a free submission for non-profits, churches, and other community events.  Businesses, product distributors, or affiliates, are fee-based. 

* Please keep in mind - we must reserve the right to disqualify any submissions that are not congruent with the mission of PREPARE Magazine. 

Here are submission requirements:

  • Event must be in prior to deadline to be considered for the next issue.  (As a general rule, the deadline for an issue will be the 15th of the month PRIOR to the issue release.  In other words, if your event is in August - you will want the information to us by June 15.)

  • Word limit of 50 words including links, email address, names or contact info.

  • Date, Time, Contact Info, City and State are required.

  • Events included in Community Connections require approval. 

  • Churches and other Non-Profits can be included in Community Connections without charge.   

  • Businesses, Product vendors, and affiliates may be included with a fee.  Contact us for rate information.

  • No bio or photos.

* Approval of a submission to be included in the Community Connections section does NOT mean that we endorse, support, or in any way condone any message or information that is shared at a Community event.  We are simply providing a public service to help share information that is happening in local communities.