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What Can I Expect When I Subscribe to Your Free Digital Version

PREPARE Magazine offers a monthly Digital publication free of charge.  The only requirement to receive the digital subscription is to register (subscribe) with a name and email address.  When you subscribe you grant us permission to communicate with you (via email) to let you know updates and the release information for PREPARE Magazine.

The digital version of PREPARE Magazine is typically a 30 to 38 page full color publication.  Typically, the magazine has 8 to 10 articles that are exclusive to our magazine.  Each monthly publication offers a general "theme" or topic that we build around, but all content may not necessarily be closely-related to the theme.    

The viewer format that we use, allows you to flip pages online like you would a print magazine.  You can also zoom in-and-out on pages, follow links, share with social sites, and print special pages that you find helpful. 

We do offer a advertising in the magazine, however, we limit the number of advertising partners with each issue.  We did not want to create a magazine that was heavy on advertising and light on content.  We wanted to create a helpful resource that offers helpful content, but also offers great resources from our special advertisers who understand preparedness.

The digital version is available online only, but can be downloaded and saved to your local computer.  You also have permission to print the magazine for your personal archives.

To receive the monthly digital publication, register at:  http://www.preparemag.com/subscribe