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What is the Premium Membership Subscription?

The Purpose of the Premium Membership Subscription....

Is to provide a more in-depth training and information portal for those who would like to have more in-depth preparedness resources.  The Premium Membership Subscription also provides a stronger community connection and monitored communication forum to share ideas, tips, and strategies.

The Premium Membership Subscription is a vibrant and interactive membership community created to encourage, equip and empower the members by facilitating a safe format to share ideas, spark creativity, and deploy resources.

Here are some of the excellent trainings and benefits we will be releasing inside the Premium Membership site:

  • Monthly Digital version of PREPARE Magazine with premium features
  • Downloadable PDF of all digital issues for printing
  • Archive area with all previously released digital Issues for the current year
  • Digital Viewing with a Mobile Device
  • Monthly Premium Live Preparedness Training Webinars
  • Archived Recordings of Training Webinars
  • Monthly Special Downloadable Reports, Articles, and Training Videos
  • Monthly Webinar "Live" interviews to highlight what other families are doing in their Preparedness
  • Special Founders Discounts on Preparedness Resources and Supplies
  • Special Digital Download copy of the book, "Whole Wheat Bread Making"
  • Special Digital Report on "How to Build a home hydro-electric Generator"
  • Participation in our Partners Referral Program (Affiliate)
  • Special Discount on the hard-copy subscription of PREPARE Magazine
  • Membership forum and discussion board to share ideas
  • Special drawings and incentives
  • And more

We will share more details later, but as you can see there are going to be some excellent resources available to you and other Premium Member Subscribers.