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Why Advertise with Prepare Magazine

PREPARE Magazine offers a unique opportunity for businesses, organizations, and individuals who are looking to connect with the Preparedness Community.  Our advertising rates are very affordable, and our readership is growing rapidly.   

A strong advantage of advertising with PREPARE over other forms of advertising, is that each digital publication of our Magazine is widely promoted and available throughout the year.  For the advertiser that means exponentially growing exposure.
  • Advertising Impact – Our Advertisers connect with a growing and vibrant “tightly-targeted” market. Our target audience is highly-motivated and interested in preparedness, self-reliance, and off-grid lifestyle resources.
  • Viral-growth Advertising – Each monthly publication of our digital magazine is effectively promoted, available, and viewed throughout the year. That means, viewership of each publication actually increases throughout the year as we continually promote and attract new viewers (and also as our readers share with their friends and family). Unlike other types of advertising where a company may purchase views for a single month, advertising in PREPARE magazine actually allows businesses to experience growing exposure throughout the year.
  • Content is King – At PREPARE Magazine we work to deliver highly-relevant and unique preparedness and self-reliance content to our readership.  We limit the number of advertisers in each publication so that our readers get the benefit of quality content, and our advertising partners get more exclusive attention to their ads.  Our advertising percentage per publication is far-below the typical industry norm.
  • Innovation – The PREPARE Magazine publication model is built on offering a free content-driven digital subscription to anyone who has an interest in preparedness and self-reliance.  The content is unique and highly-relevant to the interest of our readers.  For our readers who desire more advanced features and resources, we provide a Premium Subscription Membership and full-color print publication.
  • Market Share – Our target market is preparedness and self-reliance. We continue to expand our reach to impact those who are looking for preparation training and resources. We will continue to promote PREPARE Magazine through various media funnels (including, Preparedness Radio Network), national and internet press releases, and other high quality self-reliance and preparedness networks.